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Doyll Andrews' Blog I loathe garage sales! I hated being dragged to them as a kid and as an adult. (Still dealing with the emotional baggage of my Grandmother having me try on clothes in the middle of a driveway). I don't like having them. Tracy can attest that the quickest way to sour my mood is to say it's time to have a garage sale. There seems to be days of work involved in hosting for the mere hours of the actual event. Inevitably, the male ends up being a pack horse dragging out tables and boxes from the nether regions of one's home. Also, dragging out that 80 lb. crib to set it up again for the sale, something that hadn't been done since your six year old was two. Let's not forge

Water Your Garden! - Bill Rogers

Just the other day as I parked my van after driving around Northwest Indiana, I heard a sound coming from the back of the vehicle. Obviously curious, I gave a quick eye test to the area where I thought the sound was originating. However, this was the second time I encountered the abnormal sound so I figured that a visit to the auto shop may be in my plans in the near future. The idea of taking my van for possible repairs generated thoughts about the complex terms that mechanics and auto shop employees use when describing the parts and labor they recommend in order to fix or improve the performance of my van. Most of the time, I understand about half of the terms they use. If they tell me I

Summer Reading - Pastor Nancy Becker

One rainy day, while visiting a friend in Florida recently, we explored a very massive and musty-smelling used bookstore. There I came across a book titled "The Classics We've Read, the Difference They've Made," edited by The Chrysostom Society. It includes a bunch of Christian authors who have each written an essay about a classic author who had been important in their spiritual lives. The contributors are very well-known contemporary Christian thinkers such as Walter Wangerin, Madelein L'Engle, Eugene Peterson, Richard Foster. Most of them cited classical authors that one might expect in such a collection: Flannery O'Connor, John Milton, Thomas Merton, Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn, etc. C

On Loneliness - Pastor Mark Mueller

If there is a word that I felt led to blog about this time it is the word, loneliness. This word is a precarious one. At times the mere mention of the word produces fear. Frederick Buechner describes it as, "a sense that something is missing which we cannot name." There has been a time or two lately when I have felt lonely. I am not a fan of it. Sometimes it is when Toby is travelling. I have several days alone, just me and Zoe. Loneliness feels empty. I am rather quick to find something to fill it but lately I am beginning to sit with my loneliness. I have come to believe that God has something for me in it. When was the last time you were lonely? Was it when you stood in a crowd of

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