When is credit due?

Thirty plus years ago at a planning conference with my company the following quote was on the wall of the room where we were meeting. "A group of people working together can accomplish almost anything as long as no one cares who gets credit for it." (No credit was given to the writer.) However, I found the following two quotes attributed to two of our past U.S. presidents... "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." --Harry Truman "There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit." --Ronald Regan These quotes are similar and have stuck with me over the years as I have been part of many organizations, that when th


Hills. To a runner or a bicyclist or any endurance athlete, the mere mention of the slightest incline is met with disdain. Tracy and I have taken up running/training as part of our efforts to get healthy this year. I am running with our pup, almost every morning about 2-3 miles or more. This running has given me a new perspective about hills. An incline, during any portion of your run, is difficult. You expend more energy to keep your pace going up even the slightest incline than you would on flat land. More energy and effort, the more tired you are bound to be at or near the end of your run. Hills can be trouble going downhill as well. You quicken your pace, you're running and expend m

Welcoming the Children

Over the Labor Day weekend, my wife Kathy and I helped our oldest son, our daughter-in-law and five of our grandchildren move into their new house in Valpo. As I was loading our vans full of boxes, pictures, bed frames and many other items, I came to the realization that a new phase or chapter was beginning for them and for us. It was a blessing having them live with us while they searched for a home, but now they will enjoy the benefit of more space and a place they can call their own. Additionally, as they turn the page and begin a new journey, they will find a sense of confidence in developing the peace and comforts of their new home. This Sunday, September 10, First Presbyterian will be

On Prayer - Pastor Nancy Becker

I have been thinking lately about the subject of prayer. Thinking, but not so much praying. Theologian William Barclay once said: Christians are far more likely to talk about prayer than to do it." That strikes a chord in me! For many Christians - - good, well-intentioned Christians - - there often seems to be some kind of inner resistance to actually getting down to the business of seriously praying. Those who suffer from that malady, and I am often one, are more than willing to read books about it; to analyze and plan how they might do more of it; to spend time figuring out the best possible time; the most edifying place; the right prayer guide; the right Bible passage. Then, when we hav

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