The enduring gift of Christmas music

Christmas music is the best! In my later years, I have been pondering on when is the earliest time to start listening to Christmas music. The older I get, the earlier in the year I feel it is appropriate to start. My dear and lovely wife is a strict traditionalist and doesn't want to allow the docile tones of Bing Crosby singing White Christmas to happen until after Thanksgiving. This puts our house in conflict around the 1st of November. Society has also weighed in on our family debate. Lite 93.9 keeps sneaking in its Christmas music format earlier and earlier in the year. My boys and I take mischievous delight in leaving the radio dial in the car on this station pre-thanksgiving to s

Sharing the gifts of Christmas

The Advent season reminds us to live by the virtue of patience. In 21st century Indiana, we are eagerly awaiting the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, as well as sharing in fellowship with family and friends. Some of you may be finished with your Christmas shopping, but I'm guessing a large number of you - like me - are still trying to satisfy the wish lists of various family members, still need to design and send out Christmas cards, and still have plenty of wrapping to do. As Christians, we anticipate the birth of our Savior, but also await his return. We don't know what God's timeline is, but our faith is placed in the outstretched hands of our Lord. Amidst the excitement of the h

The Season of Advent

While we are still finishing the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, we entered the season of Advent this past Sunday. Advent is a time of spiritual preparation for the coming of Christ, which we celebrate at Christmas. Since no one knows for sure what time of the year Christ was born, the day for the Christmas celebration was variable in the early years of the church. The Roman Emperor set the date of December 25 in the year 529. That was the date of a Roman pagan festival celebrating the return of light and longer days after the winter solstice. The idea probably was that the celebration of the birth of Christ would supplant the pagan celebration. Symbolically it is a good time. The

Thanksgiving Leftovers

I freely admit it! I love leftovers! Whenever I'm home and hunger calls or I'm trying to put together a bag lunch to take to the office, my thoughts turn to "shopping the fridge" for whatever leftovers I can mix and match for a tasty meal or snack. What can be better than leftover turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and apple pie! In addition to using the term "leftover" to describe the source of my lunches this week, Webster also defines it as "anything left or remaining from a larger amount." As a case in point, I think we've all had occasion in our lives to face the prospect of trying to stretch our financial "leftovers" as we neared the end of a month or year. As moderator of

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