Who are We?

In our Session meetings, we often talk about who we are, and who we believe God wants us to be in the future. So I've been thinking about what defines us as a church. Our website gives some ideas about that. It says: We are a Presbyterian Church (USA) of Purpose, Prayer, Presence, Power, and People. We know that it is not about us, but about God working through us so that we can: Teach as Jesus taught Pray as Jesus prayed Serve as Jesus served Love as Jesus loves. We are here for the strong and the sturdy, the lost and the lonely, the battered and the bored, as well as the bruised and the broken. At First Presbyterian Church, you will be cared for, and you will be called upon to care for oth

Special Days or Special Daze?

In my February blog, I commented on Groundhog Day and how it is now part of many people's interest in how long winter will last. (Punxsutawney Phil missed it this year by more than a few days... winter lasted way longer than '6 more weeks'.) Now, throughout our entire calendar year in the U.S. there is a 'special day' for 'this' and for 'that'. Amazing. Almost every day recognizes 'something'. In Alaska, there is Marmot Day on Feb. 2, same as Groundhog Day but they have no groundhogs up there. Then, there are the upcoming key days in June... June 1st is National Doughnut Day; June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day, it is also National Cheese Day and Old Maid's Day; then June 5th we will celebra

Caring for God's Earth

One of the many blessings I have been given through a seminary education is a greater understanding of how theology applies to the "real world." One of those theologies, "Caring for God's Earth," has been gaining momentum in my life, thanks to a couple of classes I have taken at McCormick Theological Seminary. As some of you are aware, I performed my field studies experience at St. John's United Church in Chesterton this academic year. As part of my experience, I developed and coordinated an Earth Day Cleanup in Chesterton as about 25 people of all ages picked up litter with a special emphasis on recycling plastics. The project was extremely successful and provided great awareness of our res

Do cats go to heaven?

"Daddy, do cats go to Heaven?" A question that was uttered the most in my house this past week. We have recently lost our family cat and the boys were processing through their grief. Although the boys did not realize how profound of a theological question this was, it was not lost on me. The boys were asking because of their loss. They missed our pet and loved her very much. They did not want to think that their pet was lost to eternity, nor did I. Regardless of how you feel about the proposition that a cat can inherit everlasting life after spending nine of theirs down on earth, the question is not about the worthiness of the cat. If you dissect the question, it's about God and his in

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