Gathering Together

I think many of us are still processing the new reality that our church is in a time of change. The announcement that pastors Mark and Toby will be leaving our congregation is a time for looking back at what has been accomplished in the nearly three years that they have been with us; and also looking forward to how we are to be faithful to God's call in the future. What are the constants in our life together as First Presbyterian Church Valpo? One key thing that binds us together as a people-called-by-God is our experience of weekly worship. Every Sunday we come to worship because God calls us here and meets us here. We gather to worship the Lord who has lifted heavy burdens, who has wal

Time, Patience, and Faith

It has been said that the only thing that does not change is change, itself. Change is a constant in life. One thing that we can count on is that change is inevitable. We've all experienced it. No sooner do we get used to a stage in the lives of our children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews than suddenly, they are onto something else. We become accustomed to the pace of our jobs only to find that-again, quite suddenly-there is a new project, a new timetable. We accept the fact that a parent is aging, but are soon caught off guard when he or she becomes unable to do-or to be-what we have always expected. The life of a church is no different. First Pres Valpo will very soon need to adjust once aga

Sad News.......Good News

Now that we know our beloved Pastors Mark and Toby are leaving, a sense of sadness envelopes our church family. They may have been here a shorter time than either party expected, but sometimes things just happen differently than anyone might anticipate. (SAD NEWS) But, their time with us was good and we are all better for having known them. (GOOD NEWS) As I understand the circumstances that were in play, Pastor Mark was truly 'called' to his new position with the organization on which he has been a board of director member for several years. The Outreach Foundation of the Presbyterian Church USA, founded in 1979, has been active for 35 years disbursing some $100 million in support of God's m

Christian Mentoring

Tracy and I have decided to test our mettle this fall. We have signed up to run in the Valpo half marathon. Actually, we had decided to do this feat way back in June. Part of that decision was to join a runners training group. Tracy had done this in her preparation to run the Ringing in Spring run in April. She enjoyed the extra-mile group and recommended that I participate in the training for the half marathon with her. I have to admit that I was hesitant about the idea. Before joining the training group, my runs were either solitary or with my pup, Zeke, by my side. I didn't want to give that up. She convinced me to join the group for its first training run. I relented and went.

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