Waiting....Waiting....Waiting... It sure seems that life is made up of a lot of time just 'waiting'...... 'Waiting' for someone to do something that affects us and what we want to do. We 'wait' for others to answer the phone or return a message or respond to an email or deliver a package or provide a service or get here sooner or drive faster or... or... 'Waiting' is frustrating because usually there is 'nothing' we can do to alter the speed or reaction time of the other person. We are left to 'wait' until the desired response of the other party occurs, and then we can take our next action ...which could put us into a 'waiting' mode yet again. The daily cycle. So how do we make the most of

Empty Tombs

Ah, yes, Easter Sunday is almost here. That wonderful day full of candy, bunnies, eggs, and time with family around a table filled with delicious foods. If modern day Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween got together, I think the result might be contemporary Easter celebrations! For some, there will be the obligatory worship attendance, scheduled right between the morning egg hunt and the afternoon banquet. The church will welcome them with open arms and do our best to share God's love with each and every person who gathers. We will do so because it is what we have always done; welcomed those who, for whatever reason, found themselves at the threshold of some church seeking a glimpse of gr

Road Work!

Ever since the spring like weather has emerged over the last ten days, construction crews have populated our highways. This effort to fix the potholes on our roads is particularly prevalent during my drive to Chicago for seminary classes two days a week. While I must leave my house 10 minutes early in order to avoid being tardy, I feel blessed that our communities have the resources to repair our roads in order to provide safer travel to our various destinations. While our highways and bi-ways are being paved in the 21st century, the most important journey was celebrated over 2,000 years ago on a road leading into Jerusalem. This journey, which we celebrate as Palm Sunday, marked the grand


I do not know anyone who doesn't like a stack of fluffy pancakes. Some like their pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Some like peanut butter spread all over the top of them. Some even like their pancakes with chocolate chips. Pancakes has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I remember waking up at my grandmother's home smelling a fresh stack of applesauce pancakes. There is nothing like sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Grandma to finish another round of pancakes. As I grew older, pancakes still were a part of my life. Grandmother's morning pancakes became brunch pancakes that was served after church. I quickly learned to appreciate my mother's breakfast as d

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