The theme of my summer seems to have been "reunions". In May, it was my 50th high school reunion in Nebraska followed in late July by my wife's extended family reunion held this year in Pomona, California near Los Angeles. Sharing and reliving fond memories from my high school days was a wonderful prelude to the time spent with family on the west coast. In reflecting on my time spent reconnecting with friends and family, I couldn't help but think about the popular MasterCard "priceless" ad campaign. The very first MasterCard "Priceless" commercial was aired in 1997. As the story unfolds, a dad takes his son to a baseball game and pays for the tickets and a hot dog and drink, but the conv

Parenting Today

"Point your kids in the right direction - - when they are older they won't be lost" Proverbs 22:6 (The Message) As the autumn approaches and the school year begins, we at First Pres Valpo are looking forward to a very exciting autumn. Along with the highly anticipated arrival of our Pastor Kim Adams there will be lots of new opportunities to grow in our faith. Our Christian Education Team under the outstanding leadership of Ken Crews will be bringing a new and creative approach to Christian education this year. Whenever a child is baptized in our worship service, one of the questions is asked of the congregation is: "Our Lord Jesus Christ ordered us to teach those who are baptized. Do you,

The Gift of Time

Such glorious weather! After the terrible heat that made most of us feel like wrung-out dishrags, these cool evenings have been so lovely. We turn off the air, open all the windows, listen to the katydids and cicadas sing their scratchy songs. Because we had so much rain in the spring, the ferns and flowers are flourishing. The trees are full and green. Though most of the birds have quieted down, the wren still warbles near its birdhouse all day, and the cardinals call to one another every evening. Sunsets have been showing off their colors, throwing that beautiful golden light on everything. For those few moments, we're surrounded by grandeur, by the extravagant beauty of God's created worl

Moving Forward with Optimism

I feel really positive about the future of our church and our church family. However, this positive outlook does not come from the congregation's embracing of the Pastor Nominating Committee's work when it elected Pastor Kimber-lee D. Adams to be our next pastor, rather it comes from this congregation's faithfulness in the period between Pastor Mark and now Pastor Kimber-lee. For the most part our attendance at worship stayed strong, our lay committees continued their work and their commitment to keeping FPCV's role in doing God's work in this world strong. Time after time I saw people doing what needed to be done... willingly. Having been through periods without a pastor before, it was

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