The Holidays

We are in the midst of that time between Christmas Day and New Year's Day. For many, it is a time that is anticipated and enjoyable because there is more time with family and friends, there is good food (too much usually) and oftentimes less work days with more time off to enjoy the holidays. As we are finding out, for some families the joy has been tarnished by the loss of a loved one, or a serious illness or some other type of event that caused more sadness than joy. The Care Alerts have been coming too frequently about members of our church family. The pain and sorrow of others is being shared as best it can be. Yet, hope for a better 2020 is present. A new year is just that... the beginn

Gifts to Remember

Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. -1 Peter 4:10 (NRSV) As I headed to Panera recently for lunch, the jammed parking lots around the Target shopping area provided a noticeable reminder of what the Christmas focus is for many... gifts! Toys, electronics, clothing, jewelry, a new pet and, if all else fails, gift cards! Of course, there will also be the gift of time with family and friends, holiday parties, and meaningful worship in churches across the land. Gifts are a wonderful way to show others just how much we care, and most likely we all have a memory or two of a meaningful gift we received. I received one of my

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love... these are the four themes that we are reminded of each year during Advent season. In fact, these four themes are illuminated by a lit candle during each of the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. While the Advent season inspires Christians to share these God-given gifts in anticipating the coming or birth of Jesus and his second coming, these beautiful qualities carry special meaning as we approach the third decade of the 21st century. Quite honestly, Hope, Peace, Joy and Love comprise my "Grown-Up Christmas List." As we continue to make an impact as a Christian church community, where can we find Hope? Where is Hope truly needed? As the millennium commenced,

What's Your Password?

A recent development in my life has been the proliferation of passwords. Back in high school, the only thing that I had to commit to memory was my locker combination and the phone numbers of my friends. Passwords was a game show during which Charles Nelson Riley would make an inappropriate joke which would fly over my young head. Now, I have passwords to access my phone. I have passwords to access my computer. I have passwords for my Internet. I have passwords for my iPad. I have passwords that allow me to pay my bills; and I have passwords to check on my children's grades. I am told that I have to commit these to memory as well. That's just at home, where I can store all these passwor

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