Change Your Mind

Therefore my heart is glad, and my soul rejoices; My body also rests secure.... You show me the path of life.... In your presence there is fullness of joy. -Psalm 16 (NRSV) These lines from Psalm 16 have been posted on my bathroom mirror for months. I often tape pieces of scripture and lines from poems there, because I know they'll likely be the first things I read in the morning, and the last before I go to bed. As my day begins, the reminders are helpful. But they're even more important at the end of my day. I wonder if you're like me. Mornings generally begin well. I look forward to whatever I've planned to do, even realizing that circumstances may change my day. Perhaps like you, since

Is It Almost Over?

This is the question everyone is asking out loud; or wondering it privately to themselves. Those of us who are even a tiny bit superstitious will ask it very quietly or just think it; because, we are afraid of being too out front with it or saying it out loud may jinx us all. It is in times like this that some of our inner fears and concerns can sometimes get the best of us. The "what if's..." roll around in our minds and either keep us awake, or worse, wake us up in the middle of the night. Bad news is often easier to take than no news. Uncertainty is a place we never like to be. So, how do we cope? How do we remain positive and optimistic in the face of so much uncertainty? For me, I am

Through my Looking Glass

"On the Sabbath they rested according to the commandment." -Luke 23:56b These past weeks, the winds of contagion and chaos have swept across the nation, blowing confusion and uncertainty into most aspects of life. A simple trip to the grocery store now requires make-shift Personal Protective Equipment ("PPE") and carries with it a concern for contamination. A casual walk around the neighborhood now compels passing walkers-by to anxiously measure in their mind the distance between themselves and oncoming traffic. Was that really 6'? The weekly breakfast gathering with dear friends is now a grab-n-go from Schoop's and a Zoom meeting so we can at least see the faces and hear the voices of thos

The Road to Jerusalem

Physical distancing. Over 2,000 years ago, this concept that we have been urged to follow for the last several weeks, was furthest from the minds of the people of Israel. The crowds had gathered to celebrate the triumphant entrance of Jesus Christ, our Savior, as he rode in on a donkey on the road to Jerusalem. From a modern perspective, this gathering of the crowds was essentially a parade - the Greatest Parade Ever! In the ancient parade, the followers of the Son of God laid cloaks and palm branches in front of Jesus on the road. Today, as we look forward to celebrating Palm Sunday, we can still share a special passion for Christ's journey that occurred a week before his resurrection. Obvi

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