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A Time to Care for Others

The King will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25: 40 (NIV)

Here I am sitting at my kitchen table, in the middle of the Andrews' attempt to practice social distancing. I have the luxury of being able to work from home, but the curse of being at home during e-learning days (remember Ansen is my youngest child) is making sure that the boys get their school work done while simultaneously trying to complete my own. The hardest part of practicing social distancing, other than being stuck in the same house with two rambunctious boys, is the uncertainty of these times.

I have heard a theory that most of us like to be fixers. When there is a problem, we want to fix it. In these times of COVID-19, I feel that there is nothing I can do to fix this situation. I want to be able to tell my family that if we do X than everything will go back to normal. Unfortunately, I can't. I am willing to bet that most people feel the same way. This stinks, because no one wants to feel useless.

But, we are doing something. Scientists tell us that keeping to ourselves and at home, will help stop the spread of the disease. Social distancing helps slow down and limit the spread of this virus. They also tell us that frequent washing of hands will help contain the virus as well.

A realization came to me; following the advice and guidelines of social distancing is doing something. It is actually doing something for the most vulnerable. By staying home, we are helping to protect the most vulnerable as an act of faith in our Lord and Savior outlined in Matthew 25:40. Session was truly inspired by the Spirit in taking the steps they did to protect our congregation.

We may be inconvenienced these days with the restrictions that are put in place during these times. We may feel that these rules do not apply to us. Remember, following the rules and being inconvenienced are only small sacrifices we can make to protect and care for one another and in doing so, we are being faithful to our Lord and Savior. After all that has been given to us by our Lord, a relatively small disruption to our life is something we can give to Him.

God Bless and good health to you all during these surreal times.


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