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July 31, 2021…Not just a date on a Calendar?

This is an important date for those wishing to share their opinions, preferences and thoughts about the current state and future direction of First Presbyterian -Valparaiso. It is the due date for all responses to the Congregational Survey. As of that date the survey will close and the tallying of results will begin to be followed by communication of the results first to the Pastor and Session …and then to the congregation.

This survey is a unique opportunity … no one quite remembers the last time a church-wide survey was conducted… to provide church leadership with data and input from the entire congregation. Having input from all members, rather than only from a limited number, will give Session and other teams information useful in making decisions regarding the future direction for FPCV. The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee organized and is processing the survey results as part of its work in establishing a Mission Information Form (“MIF”) for use in making its recommendation to Session regarding the role of an Associate Pastor.

Like many organizations, churches are not immune to rumors and misinformation than can often circulate and somehow become ‘the truth’…accurate or not. A survey like this can help avoid some of the “I heard that …..” and “…someone told me that…..” statements that are part of the informal communication channels in an organization. A survey like this can get accurate information in front of the leadership which then can use it for the benefit of the organization.

Our church is an ‘organization’, but it is also a ‘family’ for many members. I am one of those. Sharon and I have felt this sense of ‘family’ here at FPCV since our arrival in 2013; and I look forward to being part of the process that will shape the future direction of our congregation.

Haven’t taken the 9 minutes it takes to submit your survey responses yet? ….. Please Do It Today! The church needs and wants to hear from all members.

Blessings to all,

Jim Hubbard


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