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Perseverance Prevails

Boy oh boy, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the church, here comes the Delta variant to slow things down.

It was looking like we were making the kind of progress that would put us all in a better place and able to return our church life to a little bit more normal sequence then this Delta road bump popped up.

So, our patience and our perseverance will again be called on to get us to the next level. We know we can do it as we have been doing it since March 2020. Respecting the circumstances of others and not just ourselves is necessary to appreciate and not overreact to the safety precautions we are asked to accept and comply with.

As Christians who care about others and each other, we can endure a few more weeks (or months) of cautionary measures especially if it will avoid difficulties on the part of others we know and love.

I say let us concentrate on doing all we can to keep our church family functioning and serving others. Our session teams and staff continue to push us forward as we carry out our mission in this community and this world. During Jesus’ time on this earth he had to endure many difficulties and work among lots of different people and groups with varying opinions and ideas. The inconveniences we face pale in comparison.

We can persevere and we will prevail with this wonderful church family staying together and readying itself to be witnesses for Christ in the community and the world. I look forward to each day knowing that by continuing to support each other and working together this congregation will continue to be strong and thus will be stronger in the future.

Blessings to all.

Jim Hubbard


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