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Faith Formation @ FPCV

Vacation Bible Camp!
June 25-28, 2023

                                            Daniel did more than survive a den                                              of hungry lions!
                                                           Join Daniel—torn from his home and forced into                                                                 the king’s service. Imagine the pressure of learning                                                             a new language and culture…and the shock of                                                                     discovering your best friends have been tossed into a fiery furnace. Explore exotic sights and smells in a Babylonian bazaar! Kids and adults will find that they’re not much different from Daniel and his friends, who kept their faith in a faithless culture.

Summer Camp @ Geneva

FruitFull Faith: A Spirit Filled Life

Whether you are a first-time camper or have been a camper every

summer-we hope you will join us! It's time to get back in touch with

nature, re-connect with old friends and meet new friends …that is what

Camp is all about. Gather your friends and register together.


Geneva Center has been hosting Summer Camp and creating lifelong memories for over 50 years. Make plans to attend this year!

  • Explorer Camp: June 12th-17th (Grade 4-5): $440

  • You & Me Camp: June 12th-14th (age 5+ and Adult): $250/person

  • MAD Camp (Music, Art, Drama) June 19th-24th (Grade 6-12): $440

  • You & Me Camp: June 19th-21st (age 5+ and Adult) $ 250/person

  • New Beginnings: June 15th-17th (Grade 1-3) $250

  • Middle & High School Traditional: June 26th-July 1st (Grade 6-12): $440

  • CROSS Camp (Christian Recreation Outdoor Sports Skills):

  • June 26th-July 1st (Grade 6-12): $440

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Faith Formation for all ages @ FPCV!

At First Presbyterian Church we believe that a healthy faith community involves vibrant Faith Formation opportunities for all ages. We are confident that God is busy speaking through disciples of all ages! As we continue to learn, grow, and adapt, we hope you, too, will continue to step out in faith and join us for the journey.


From early childhood education to adult Sunday school, FPCV is please to offer opportunities for disciples of all ages to learn and grow in their faith. 

We are excited to offer the PCUSA Follow Me curriculum. We have explored such themes as: Make Peace, Honor God's Diversity, and Practice Generosity. Sunday classes are supplemented with at-home practices that individuals or families can engage throughout the week.

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