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Mustard Seeds

We have heard it a million times, “April showers bring May flowers” (sometimes Indiana weather has other ideas). As a child when I’d hear someone say that, it would get me so pumped for summer! As I grew up and I learned more about energy, land, air and water pollution, recycling and so on, I wasn’t thinking about that sweet little rhyme as much as I was thinking, how did we get here? Mankind has been given this incredible gift we call Earth in which God is the gift giver and instead of appreciating and loving this gift, humanity has and continues to trash and abuse it.

I remember when I was nine years old and all I wanted for Christmas was a “baby” Cabbage Patch Doll; and if you were a mom in the 80’s then you know how savage you had to be when you saw one available! So fast forward to Christmas morning; and I have opened all my gifts…except one, The One! I knew the shape of that box like my ABC’s and I tore that wrapping open to find… A red headed pig tailed toddler Cabbage Patch Doll. It was not the one I asked for yet here it was, in my hands. I looked up and saw two of the biggest smiles on my parents faces and in that moment I realized, they did this just for me. I flashed the cheesiest (and probably super fake) smile and threw my arms around them in appreciation for my gift. As we got Christmas dinner going, my mom and I talked about the day so far and she said, “I know that is not the doll you asked for, but she was the only one they had left; and I wanted you to have her.” Right then I knew she and my dad did everything they could to give me the perfect Christmas and they did! I fell in love with my Red Headed Cabbage Patch Doll whose name was Elizabeth Jayne. I took such good care of her and when the “baby” version of the doll became available again, it wasn’t what I wanted anymore.

Just as my parents gave me a gift I did not fully appreciate at first, so does our ultimate parent; God the Father. We have not fully appreciated the gift that he gave those before us, gives us now and gives to those that will come after us. The Earth is the gift. He wants us to have and being His children, we should thank Him. The best thank you I can think of is being good stewards. Take the time to pick up some trash if you see it, turn off lights when they are not needed, use compost friendly products when possible, recycle… let's show God how thankful we are!

The Parable of the Mustard Seed has always intrigued me. The thought of that itty bitty seed growing into this incredibly huge plant is just amazing. So I thought what if we as the community of this church, this town, this state followed this Parable. Making small changes to better our Earth will grow into bigger changes and may have a ripple effect on surrounding communities. We are God’s tiny Mustard Seeds ready to make wonderful changes that will please Him. Who’s with me? Earth Day is around the corner but we have an opportunity to do a little every day!

Be the change you wish to see in the world

-Mahatma Gandhi

Until we meet again whether it be in person or through this blog, I send you all the best!



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