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Still Waiting ….???

Waiting for something can be very vexing. When the outcome or information being waited on is contingent on someone else doing something or providing something, and you have no control over them or what and when they will be able to provide you with the thing you are waiting for, well, that is vexing. Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling that accompanies you while “waiting.”


Most common today, for those of us beyond the half-century mark age-wise, is waiting for the results from one or more medical tests. Too often there is nothing we can do or that can be done until the results of the tests are available so while waiting, all kinds of thoughts and possibilities run through our mind. Not knowing is always worse than knowing.


Every Easter season, as I read and listen to the stories recounting the events leading up to Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection on Easter, it makes me wonder how all those who were ‘waiting’ for this saga to unfold handled it? Of all those waiting for “something” to happen, and not knowing what was going to happen, only Jesus seemed to be ‘in the know’, despite his telling the disciples what was going to unfold. It is hard to blame the disciples for not grasping and understanding what Jesus was trying to convey to them. It was an extraordinary event that is hard to actually comprehend even today. 


And now, we wait for Jesus to return and be with us again here on Earth. How long will it be? When will He return? What will the world do upon His return? These and other related questions are unanswerable as I see it. Our faith and our belief must, and will, carry us until that day. Jesus set forth the example we must try to follow:  He has told us how He wants us to treat each other, and it is up to us to live our lives as best we can, following His example. 


He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!


Jim Hubbard (patiently waiting for Spring to actually arrive)


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