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The Ongoing Work of Creation

“Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness;” -Genesis 1:26a

When approaching the depth and breadth of Scripture, it can be helpful to consider the primary lens through which we approach God’s Holy Word. Some approach Scripture through a primary lens of biblical inerrancy, some consider the sovereignty of God, and many a Christian interprets Scripture through a Christ-centered lens. I must admit that one of my own primary lenses is God as Creator. So, I often ponder the beginning of beginnings, those early chapters of Genesis.

I have long appreciated the plurality, the communal, the relational nature of Genesis 1:26a, but I was recently struck by the passage in a different way. While I’ve often wondered about the us/our structure of the imago dei, “image of God,” presented in this passage, I was more attune to the communal nature of the work itself that is presented. “Let us make…” Has the work of creation always been a group project?

If I’m being honest, I first learned about the importance of communal work not from the Christian church, but as a child reared in the community of organized labor. The United Steelworkers, to be exact. I learned about the power of the collective and the ability to participate in something that invites the individual to contribute to something that is bigger than any one thing could ever be on its own. Jesus the Christ invites us into something even bigger!

Doyll invited us last week to consider how technology has shrunk our world. To be sure, we’re members of a global community. We have been for some time, if not always. Communications technology has made us all much more aware of the neighborhood news, even if the neighborhood is an ocean way.

What if the ongoing work of creation is, in fact, a group project with God? In an increasingly global community, what kind of neighborhood will we create?

Whatever you choose to create today, may it be inspired by the love of God… who chose to create you!


Ken Crews


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