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Thanksgiving Blessings

The day before Thanksgiving. And all through the house... the sun streams through the windows, and the trees have revealed their skeletal beauty, along with the mountains beyond. Time is precious. I write this from North Carolina's hills, waiting for more family to drive in, and a little one who is keeping us all in suspense. These days are precious, and I want to bottle them up, knowing we won't all be together again for quite a while.

New family knit together with our family. Ben, Dianne (Ben's mom), Seth, Lauren, Ashley, Mark, Toby. And...?

Politics and world crises move to the background, and we stand in the midst of what is really important, and build upon what is, toward what will be. Relationships. That is tantamount, and I say that as a Pastor, a believer. Because relationships are what it is all about, deepening existing ones, building new ones, helping each other walk this walk, inviting others into this path we trod, bringing in the Kingdom, one relationship at a time.

In this time away from the computer and the phone and the calendar, it is a time to rest and renew. And I am ever so thankful. For right now.

God's blessings be upon you in this season of gratitude and grace. May you also find time, and space, and most importantly, God.

I continue serving in Christ,

Pastor Toby

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