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The enduring gift of Christmas music

Christmas music is the best! In my later years, I have been pondering on when is the earliest time to start listening to Christmas music. The older I get, the earlier in the year I feel it is appropriate to start. My dear and lovely wife is a strict traditionalist and doesn't want to allow the docile tones of Bing Crosby singing White Christmas to happen until after Thanksgiving. This puts our house in conflict around the 1st of November.

Society has also weighed in on our family debate. Lite 93.9 keeps sneaking in its Christmas music format earlier and earlier in the year. My boys and I take mischievous delight in leaving the radio dial in the car on this station pre-thanksgiving to see what my wife will do. (Often it's not pretty for the Daddy, while hilarious for two little boys.) Actually, if I am being honest, my music on my iPad will spew out a Christmas tune in mid-July to my secret delight.

Why this fascination with Christmas music?

I have seen the worst in people. I have dealt with truly despicable individuals willing to do anything for the pursuit of money. Early in my law career, I was not ready in dealing with that level of pure unadulterated greed. It wore on me so much that I questioned on why I was in my profession. After one fretful hearing, I was done. Deflated, I trudged on to my car and started it. The radio popped on, and it was Christmas Music.

It did two things for me. First, I was transported back to my youth during the holidays. One thing about being young at Christmas time is that you are enveloped by love. Families draw nearer to each other and behave to make Christmas special for children. My family was no different. Mel Tormé singing about Christmas reminds me about that love and care that my family gave to me. As I was transported to those times, the stresses of the recent experiences melted away. Love seems to do that. Secondly, the songs reminded me about that ultimate gift we celebrate with all these festivities. The gift of pure love in the form of the Christ Child. This gift can never be duplicated and eclipsed. I can never repay my Lord for the blessings he gave me in the form of that gift. This realization gave me hope. With all the greed and evil lurking in this world, this Christmas gift cleanses our souls and reassures us that we are loved and good will be triumphant. I was rejuvenated.

Ultimately Christmas music, secular and hymns, reminds us that we are all loved beyond fathom. Nothing is better than this. God's love is for all and is limitless and final. Every time I hear a Christmas tune, I am reminded of this lesson.

May your holiday season be filled with Peace, Joy, Hope and Love.

Merry Christmas!


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