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Too much brown, not enough green

My last blog reminded us of Punxsutawney Phil's prognostication of SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER. While he had been only a 42% correct groundhog...this year's prediction his average is improving.

And so we wait... we wait for SPRING when all things begin to grow and the BROWN landscape we are enduring today becomes the GREEN of new growth tomorrow, the arrival of SPRING and when new life surrounds us.

But... not yet! Slow down, we are still in the waiting period. Actually, we are ending week SEVEN of the SIX more weeks of winter. Unexpected delay in spring's arrival. Bummer. And yet... we wait and we are patient because we know... SPRING is coming. Not this week, maybe not next week... but soon. We know that for sure.

And that is where we are with Jesus' second coming... we are in the waiting mode. We know HE is coming again... we just don't know when. And yet, it is sometimes hard to stay optimistic and live our lives as though HE will be arriving soon. But, HE might be here anytime now, are we ready?

In anticipation of SPRING, we fertilize our BROWN grass and BROWN plants... readying them to turn GREEN with new life. Let us use this time of LENT to fertilize our lives, to ready ourselves for HIS return.

Like SPRING 2018... we don't know when it will finally arrive, but we know it will... just as we don't know when Jesus will return, but we know HE will. Let us prepare our lives for that wondrous event.

Jim Hubbard, Member

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