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So.... The Winter We Have Worried About has Finally Arrived

Worry. Worry. Worry. Worry is something we all tend to do... perhaps too much of the time. We know that worrying is useless. We only worry about things that we have zero control over... because that is all we can do about those situations. If we could do something about a situation to affect it... we would... and then there would be no need to worry. Yet, worrying becomes a familiar way to pass the time and to interact with others by sharing our worry items.

Weather is a great example of something we worry about. How much snow will we get? Will the roads be OK? When will it stop? Will I be able to drive in it? etc. etc. We can't do anything about it but deal with what comes.

Worry is actually not good for us... the uncertainty we are faced with, about which we can actually not do anything, often creates a level of anxiety that is both disruptive and unhealthy. We can become preoccupied to the extent we become obsessive about something we are worrying about and are moved to inaction.

The future... something many of us worry about. What will it bring? Will there be more bad than good? Will I be able to navigate through it?

I believe no one should be worrying about the future of our congregation. I for one am not. The future of First Presbyterian Valparaiso is not something to worry about, because we all have the ability to influence it and be a part of making sure it is a positive future, filled with people participating in the life of the church, sharing worship with others, working to help those less fortunate, and carrying out the work of the church in this world. Since we only worry about things we can't influence... let's make sure we all are engaged, involved and supportive of each other first, and then of the activities of the congregation.

Don't sit back and 'wait until a new pastor is chosen'. Attend worship weekly, be involved and be engaged now! Any pastoral candidate we will want to attract will look closely at how we as a congregation are handling the period in between pastors. Are we an active and engaged congregation or one that is coasting until a new pastor arrives? The best candidates will want to be part of congregation that is able to navigate the period between pastors well. We can do it... and we will do it... and before we know it, our new pastor will be on board. Let's work together to assure our future is a positive one.

Happy New Year to all.

Jim Hubbard

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