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It sure seems that life is made up of a lot of time just 'waiting'...... 'Waiting' for someone to do something that affects us and what we want to do. We 'wait' for others to answer the phone or return a message or respond to an email or deliver a package or provide a service or get here sooner or drive faster or... or...

'Waiting' is frustrating because usually there is 'nothing' we can do to alter the speed or reaction time of the other person. We are left to 'wait' until the desired response of the other party occurs, and then we can take our next action ...which could put us into a 'waiting' mode yet again. The daily cycle.

So how do we make the most of our 'waiting' time? Do we just 'wait' doing 'nothing' until the desired reaction of others occurs or do we move on with our day and life activities during our 'waiting' time? What we do with our 'waiting' time can affect our level of frustration and using our 'waiting' time wisely can allow us to be more productive and get more things done that are on our 'to do' list.

As co-moderator of the Pastor Nominating Committee, I know the congregation is in a 'waiting' mode for a new pastor. How are we using this 'waiting' time? Well, it seems to me most of us are using it wisely, and if the energy in our church building over the Easter holiday, including the energy seen at LIFT on Palm Sunday and at the brunch, is any indication... this congregation is managing our 'waiting' time well. Continuing our attendance at worship, continuing our committee and team activities and being there for others... all are helping us solidify the sense of community that is so much a part of what makes our church family special. Keep it up!

The PNC has no set timetable, but we are actively reviewing and interviewing candidates and 'waiting' on God's plan for our next pastor to reveal itself.... yet, one more thing to 'wait' on. But good things come to those who wait, right?

Jim Hubbard

PNC Co-moderator

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