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Moving Forward with Optimism

I feel really positive about the future of our church and our church family. However, this positive outlook does not come from the congregation's embracing of the Pastor Nominating Committee's work when it elected Pastor Kimber-lee D. Adams to be our next pastor, rather it comes from this congregation's faithfulness in the period between Pastor Mark and now Pastor Kimber-lee.

For the most part our attendance at worship stayed strong, our lay committees continued their work and their commitment to keeping FPCV's role in doing God's work in this world strong. Time after time I saw people doing what needed to be done... willingly. Having been through periods without a pastor before, it was like everyone understood that searching for a new pastor is an activity without a firm time table... it could take a short time or a long time... but whichever, the work of the church must go on. Thus, everyone stayed connected and kept everything on track... not just waiting for a new pastor.

This wonderful church family understands our church is not defined by its pastor, but by our commitment and support of each other during good times and bad, during times with a pastor and during times without a pastor. That is what makes us what we are... a true Christian family of believers.

It was an honor to serve with the other members of the PNC, people who were elected by the congregation to fulfill a key role and who entered the process with a level of dedication to task that was wonderful to behold. Every PNC member participated to the fullest in the process and, being a bit new to this congregation (2013), albeit a life-long Presbyterian, I learned so much about each individual and about the history of this congregation during the search process. The saying goes "God works in mysterious ways," but there was no mystery with this PNC. It was ten people committed to the process of finding the best next pastor for this congregation. The Holy Spirit was with us all the way and I say with confidence that Pastor Kimber-lee D. Adams and her wonderful family will learn to love this congregation as all who are a part of it do.

With Pastor Kimber-lee and Ken working together, the energy level at FPCV will be amping up... to use an electrical term... and the light we give off will be "BRIGHT." Stay plugged in!

Jim Hubbard, Past Co-chair of the newly dismissed PNC

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