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This is Christ's Church

When I first began attending First Presbyterian Church of Valparaiso, I remember hearing the words, "This is Christ's church, not ours" which, of course, placed great emphasis that Jesus Christ is Head of the Church. Throughout the ministry of Jesus, he anointed disciples to carry on his ministry after he ascended from earth into heaven. While the discipleship for the ministry of Jesus commenced with twelve disciples, one of the missions of the original disciples was to share the Word of God with everyone they encountered. Through much persecution, diligence and God's grace, the number of disciples for Christianity grew and the Apostle Paul was integral in establishing the church as a venue of worship for thousands and eventually billions of people.

As FPCV has progressed through two pastoral searches over the last decade, I have greatly admired how the people of the church have taken leadership roles in continuing the seamless operation of the church. Even though FPCV did not have a head pastor in place, the "disciples" within the church stepped up and maintained stability while the Pastoral Nominating Committee conducted a thorough search for our next pastor. We have been blessed to have Nancy Becker, an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament, serve as Moderator of Session during each of the pastoral searches. We have also been blessed to have Ken Crews, Director of Christian Education and Youth Ministry, who has injected spirit and energy into the youth programs. During this time of transition, Ken has also assisted in completing many of the duties that a head pastor would normally facilitate. Quite frankly, under the leadership of many people (by the grace of God, there are too many to name), FPCV has not missed a beat in serving as disciples for Christ's church.

On September 16, FPCV will embark on a new era as we welcome Rev. Kimber-lee D. Adams as Pastor/Head of Staff. While we await the many gifts of leadership and teaching that Rev. Adams brings to FPCV, she is blessed with the assurance of a strong foundation of disciples within the church community who reflect the ministry of Jesus Christ. It is with prayerful spirit that Rev. Adams and her family begin their experience at FPCV in the peace, joy, hope and grace of Christ's church.

"And what you have heard from me through many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will be able to teach others as well." 2 Timothy 2:2 (NRSV)

God bless,

Bill Rogers

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