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Fall is for democracy

I love autumn, particularly late October! The beauty of God's creation is on full display with the amazing repertoire of colors cascading through what seems to be an infinite number of leaves on (and off) northwest Indiana trees. Yes, the different shades of red, orange, brown and yellow help symbolize God's incredible presence in our lives. But amongst the changing leaves, we now see a plethora of candidates' signs promoting those running for leadership positions within our community. As I see all of these signs in our neighborhoods, I am reminded of the real responsibility we have as Christians to fulfill God's mission here on earth.

In less than two weeks (Tuesday, Nov. 5), we as a greater community will elect women and men to serve in civic roles with the mission to make important decisions that guide the future for our communities. In the 21st century, our civic leaders face great challenges in regards to education, housing, healthcare, employment, business development, road repair, etc. The need for leaders who can make a positive impact to enhance the quality of life in northwest Indiana will always exist. However, unlike many countries, we are blessed to live in a democracy that affords us the privilege to select our leaders. By our votes, our voices are heard as we entrust people to make the appropriate decisions for the best interests of ALL people.

Each Sunday, in leading congregations in Prayers for the People, we make it a point to pray for our local, state, national and world leadership. By asking for wisdom and guidance for our leaders to make the appropriate decisions to fulfill God's kingdom on earth, we are continuing the ministry of our Savior, Jesus Christ who ministered to the oppressed and downtrodden. In contrast to Christ who faced the opposition of the Roman Empire, our path to selecting impactful leaders is paved by the freedom of democracy. While Christ did not live in a democratic society and therefore did not speak of a democratic society, his vision focused on the Kingdom of God and how it differed from the kingdom of the world.

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." -Matthew 6:33

In our continued journey to seek the Kingdom of God, our efforts in 2019 to improve the quality of life in our communities are reflected by the quality of our civic leadership. Our responsibility as Christians to serve the best interests of ALL People through a democratic vote is a privilege and blessing.

God Bless,

Bill Rogers

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