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The Holidays

We are in the midst of that time between Christmas Day and New Year's Day. For many, it is a time that is anticipated and enjoyable because there is more time with family and friends, there is good food (too much usually) and oftentimes less work days with more time off to enjoy the holidays.

As we are finding out, for some families the joy has been tarnished by the loss of a loved one, or a serious illness or some other type of event that caused more sadness than joy. The Care Alerts have been coming too frequently about members of our church family. The pain and sorrow of others is being shared as best it can be.

Yet, hope for a better 2020 is present. A new year is just that... the beginning of a new time period on the calendar. This coming year is 2020. The words we utter to describe the New Year, twenty-twenty, have multiple meanings. When displayed as 20/20 it could be referring to "perfect vision." When displayed as 2020 it generally means the calendar year. Wouldn't it be nice to have 20/20 vision into each of our futures? Ain't gonna happen, that is not the way the world works. We have to be ready for whatever. Knowing God is with us always is why we don't fear the future or whatever it holds.

As a calendar year... we are now 1/5th of the way through the Twenty-first Century and that next hundred years that started in 2000. Time is, as they say, flying by.

Well, our congregation at First Presbyterian Valparaiso is preparing for and is ready for 2020. We have our wonderful new pastor on board, we have new Elders and Deacons duly elected and ready to go, the Christian Education programming has been revamped and is getting traction, our various teams are filled with willing volunteers who are serving the congregation, our church building is in pretty good shape with no major issues.... all this being something not every church family can say. We need to recognize that we are functioning as a family, caring for each other in times of sadness, sharing the joys when they occur... doing what families do... supporting each other.

The bonds within this congregation are strong. Let us keep them strong and venture forth into 2020 with a positive attitude, with gratitude for all the God has made available to us and that we enjoy. Let us attend worship often and show our love for one and all... and for our Creator. Happy New Year!

Jim Hubbard

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