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A Weirder Kind of Winter.......

The calendar says its winter. We know from years past that December, January and February are always 'winter months'. Yet, while we have a few colder days in a row, it sure hasn't felt like a "normal" winter. However, talking about the weather and the unusualness of this year is always interesting and pretty much non-controversial because who, besides kids, wants a cold, snowy, blustery winter anyway?

Reflecting on this weird winter and how unpredictable it has been caused me to compare it to so many other things that happen in our lives that are... 'unpredictable'. How often we wish for an orderly and consistently predictable world where good things happen to good people, bad things happen only to bad people, we know what to expect and how to be ready for it when it happens. Alas, that is not the way the world works.

So how are we to navigate and handle ourselves in an unpredictable world that throws things at us that we never expected and weren't thinking we needed to be prepared for? Well, for me, it is trusting in the One who created this world and who loves it and us. Having faith in tough times is not always easy; and we want to ask "Why did God let this happen?" I never ask that question because to do so would imply that God is responsible for all actions and all occurrences in this world, something I do not believe. We live in a random world and some stuff just happens. No one ever promised a world free of pain and disappointment. What we have been promised is we will not be alone in our pain.

I believe God does not cause our misfortunes. Some of them are caused by bad luck, some by bad people and some are inevitable consequences of being human -- being mortal and living in a world of inflexible Natural Laws that God put in place.

When facing an unwanted and unexpected situation or circumstance, it is more important to me how I will react and cope with whatever situation I face. To know I am not facing it alone and that God is there with me, helping me accept what has occurred and supporting me as I deal with it. Likewise, being part of this church family that is filled with caring and supportive people is comforting, because I know they will be there with me as well. Let us continue to support each other and show our Christian love and fellowship to all, both those within our church family and those with whom we come in contact. PTL for FPCV!

Jim Hubbard

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