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Is It Almost Over?

This is the question everyone is asking out loud; or wondering it privately to themselves. Those of us who are even a tiny bit superstitious will ask it very quietly or just think it; because, we are afraid of being too out front with it or saying it out loud may jinx us all.

It is in times like this that some of our inner fears and concerns can sometimes get the best of us. The "what if's..." roll around in our minds and either keep us awake, or worse, wake us up in the middle of the night. Bad news is often easier to take than no news. Uncertainty is a place we never like to be.

So, how do we cope? How do we remain positive and optimistic in the face of so much uncertainty?

For me, I am comforted by knowing that God is with me, and you, through all troubled times. Some people ask why God let this happen. To me that is not the right question. I do not believe that God causes our misfortunes -- some are caused by bad luck, some by bad people, some are the inevitable consequence of being human and being mortal, living in a world of inflexible Natural Laws.

Personally speaking, I do not believe God controls everything -- like some Master Puppeteer of the universe. My belief is God is aware of His own Natural Laws and that God is saddened when tragedy strikes any of us. I believe God grieves with us. Thus, I do not feel hurt or betrayed by God in these difficult times. Rather, I feel I can call on Him and look to Him for help in overcoming it all.

Our congregation is also a source of strength and support. Sharon and I have, over the past few weeks, had many calls from multiple people inquiring about our well-being, or just connecting with us. While we have come to expect this type of concern from our fellow members of FPCV, we never take it for granted and the level of caring is alwaysappreciated. This care and concern reaches beyond our church family; time and again FPCV members reach into the community and into the world to help others. I am so thankful for all of you. Be strong, be safe and this too will pass.

Jim Hubbard

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