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It’s the fourth of July Weekend. It’s a time of patriotic celebration. A time for enjoying the summer. Picnics and barbecues will dot the landscapes of our country. A lot of us will also be celebrating returning to normal. It’s a time for joy and laughter. That is why my wife, Tracy Campbell, told me not to be preachy in this blog and to keep it short.

This will be my attempt. The Lord tells us to have a grateful heart. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my beautiful, intelligent wife, who shows great patience in dealing with all that is me. (Yes, this is a shameless attempt to get brownie points from my wife.) I am thankful for my 13-year-old boy who is so intelligent, he has now begun telling his parents when they are wrong about things. I am thankful for my 10 year-old boy, who is so concerned about my health that he is leaving things out in the open so I can pick them up and put them away.

I am grateful for my job and that I still have it. I am grateful that my wonderful wife’s (still working on those brownie points) business has been able to keep functioning this past year. I am grateful that our community has been able to have schools open (most days) and services running without disruption.

Lastly, I praise God for our church and its congregation! The generosity and mission work that we do has made a difference in our community, nation and world.

Please join me this weekend in a spirit of gratitude.

God bless,


(See Tracy, I told I could keep it short!)


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