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Dear Friends,

After the events in Uvalde, TX, I find it difficult to write a blog post this week. I had many thoughts about how to lead, to comfort, to support our community, but they didn’t seem adequate. Just being honest. There is so much we want to say. So many words. Too many words. So, I offer you the following meandering, fragmented thoughts as I rest in the knowledge that God is love, even if the world seems not to be. Know that you are loved. Peace, Ken

What is there to say?

Another tragic headline.

Thoughts and prayers.

Calls for change.

A familiar chorus.

What is there to say?




A familiar refrain.

What is there to say?

Words of comfort.

Words of hope.

Words of love.

A new song.

What is there to say?

Actions speak volumes.

So much to say.

So much to do.

Who will sing a new song?


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