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“You have made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows its time for setting.” -Psalm 104:19

It was a sunny morning, one of the few we’ve recently had, as I made my way to the office. Heading east on Bullseye Lake Road, I glanced up at the blue sky to see the moon still resting high above. Of course, it’s where the moon always rests! However, it’s usually tucked away for the day at the time I saw it. There, nestled in the blue sky was a gentle reminder of the night that had been and was now fading, giving way to the possibility of a new day.

Just as the moon sets and the sun rises, it's that time when we put one year to rest and look to the next. We turn toward a new calendar and consider new starts, or revisit last year’s new starts and do our best just to write the correct year on updated forms! Each new year, each new day offers a new beginning. Each new beginning is built on the foundation of what came before. What does the foundation of your new year look like?

God’s ongoing work in creation, from the birth of the world to the birth of the Messiah and even the birth of this new day, builds upon the foundation of what was to create what can be. From the chaotic waters to a room behind the inn and into your morning commute, God is constantly at work bringing new life into the most unlikely of places, building upon the foundation of your yesterday.

FPCV has a strong foundation, an amazing history upon which God and God’s people are constantly building a new thing. The new thing is a celebration of what came before it and a foundation for what will come after it. The new thing is not a re-creation of the past nor does it forget its past. And in an instant the new thing becomes the old thing, built into the foundation of what comes next.

FPCV is who it is today because of who it was yesterday and who it hopes to be tomorrow. So, let us work together to make this day, full of possibility, the best day yet – adding to the strong foundation of our tomorrow. After all, this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Blessings on each day of this new year!




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