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I spent last week with a group of great FPC Presbyterians at the Montreat Conference Center in Black Mountain North Carolina. We were all there for the annual gathering of the Presbyterian Association of Musicians. It was a wonderful experience for me, even though I have never been confused with a person of musical talent.

Many of the finest musical, theological, liturgical people in the denomination were all there in one place, and the result was amazing and inspiring.

The daily mid-day worship services were a highlight for me. Very creative liturgy and vocal and instrumental music were beautifully designed to bring glory to Christ in both traditional and modern offerings. I was often deeply moved and renewed by the worship experiences

While the musically talented among us spent much time in rehearsal for worship services and concerts, I had extra time to pray and ponder and bask in the natural beauty with a view of the mountains from a sunny porch overlooking the lake; a ‘thin place’ for refreshing of the spirit.

I attended excellent classes. One of these was a Bible study class taught by a young Hebrew Scholar from Louisville seminary. In it we took a deep dive into the creation story of Genesis chapter one, and its companion pieces throughout the Scriptures. Most of us in the class were largely familiar with the passage, having studied and taught and preached from it numerous times. But the class discussions brought forth some new and exciting insights out of this well studied but infinitely new chapter.

For me, all of the experiences of the week blended together in a great awareness of the eternal grandness of God’s creation and God’s mighty, all encompassing love for each and every human person. I am so grateful to have been a part of it!

Nancy Becker

Parish Associate


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