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The new year is here and what an amazing start it has been! The ordination of Pastor Julia (which was so lovely and moving), Faith Formation classes resuming, kiddos back in school (honestly, I loved having mine home and did not want it to end), decorations we loved displaying now boxed away and back to the “norm” we go.


Have you heard the “New Year, New You” statement? Why a new one? The idea of New Year’s resolutions may be a set up for failure or disappointment. The tick of the minute hand from one minute to the next, springing into a new year and like magic, all the changes happen. 


Sometimes, when a resolution is made and has a disappointing outcome, this may prompt an “I quit” response not offering grace to oneself. Folks tend to offer grace to others easierier than themselves. But isn’t everyone worthy of that same grace. All people are worthy of the same grace.


In 2023, we went through so many changes, lost beloved members and hit some rough roads; however, the one constant that seems to not ever change is the love and support we show each other in those trying times. Grace upon grace, upon grace.


I’d like to share a slightly modified post that was shared on FaceBook: 

New year new me.

New year, same me; but

I’m going to love me better than ever.


In 2024, may we all be in good health, be understanding of others, and generous with our gifts when able. When we are loving and kind to others, may we be reminded to show ourselves the same love and kindness.


Much love always,




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