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Resolution Time is Approaching

As we enjoy our Christmas holiday, doing our best to remember that it is about the birth of Christ, our Messiah, and not the commercialized event that it has increasingly become, we can see on the immediate horizon the approach of yet another New Year… 2023 is almost upon us.

Some people take the tradition and/or practice of making a New Year’s Resolution seriously and put a lot of thought into their resolution(s) before making it/them. There are always the standard fallback resolutions... eat healthier, lose weight, quit a bad habit,

This New Year we might want to consider renewing a habit we may have fallen out of during the pandemic. Our improving technology and live-streaming capability here at FPCV have been instrumental during the pandemic with allowing our members and friends to experience worship from the comfort of their homes or whatever places they may be at on a Sunday morning. What a wonderful use of technology that has kept us connected with FPCV during the pandemic...which is ‘almost’ over!?

However, viewing worship is not quite the same as being in worship. When we gather together and worship together as a church family, our sense of connectedness is enhanced and the fellowship of being together with other Christians makes the worship experience that much better. Seeing my church family members in person is an important part of “going to church” for me.

Hopefully one of our New Year’s Resolutions this year will be “to be at worship in-person as often as I am able.” Technology is great, but nothing beats worshiping together as a Christian community and seeing and conversing with people directly.

It is one of my top Resolutions for 2023… consider making it one of yours.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Jim Hubbard


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