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Thanks for Nothing

This is a phrase we may have heard or even used when things happen that we don’t like or that turned out to be something other than what we were expecting. Well, for sure, that can describe almost the entire year 2020. Who woulda ever thunk it would be what it has turned out to be?

Therefore, it might be appropriate to say “thanks for nothing!” However, I believe we can make it mean something far more positive and not succumb to the negative. How about this approach…

Thanks for nothing but loving family members who are doing what they can to keep their family members safe during the most recent surge of this highly transmissible virus.

Thanks for nothing but hard-working people in first-responder positions in this community and around the country who relentlessly assist others with dedication and commitment.

Thanks for nothing but caring and committed members of this church family who have made it a point to stay connected and stay in touch with each other during this most unprecedented time, making sure that we remain a caring church family.

Thanks for nothing but a wonderful church staff supplemented by many volunteers who have worked tirelessly to have weekly virtual worship and educational experiences available (technical glitches aside) throughout this pandemic…. and have kept all the key functions of the church operating as well.

Thanks for nothing but a loving God who is always there for us to help us through the many challenges, trials and tribulations that we experience in our lives.

Thanks be to God.

Blessings to all this Advent season,

Jim Hubbard


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