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The Winter of Our Discontent…

Those familiar with Shakespeare’s play Richard III will recognize that phrase as the opening lines of that play. It then became the title of a John Steinbeck novel in 1961. That same phrase is now used to refer to any difficult political situation that occurs during the months of winter.

With less than two weeks to go until the mid-term elections are over, there is a lot of discontent being thrown at us in the multitude of messages from both political parties that are dominating the airwaves, both TV and radio. There are, however, very few positive messages, mostly negative ones about the other candidate and why that other candidate is not what they want us to believe they are. Ugly, nasty, vicious at times… that is how I see the candidates acting who are behind these ads.

I guess we are not supposed to vote for someone, but against the other someone.

For me, Sunday at worship is at least one place I can get away from that incessant political noise and be with my church family, a group of Christians who I find to be open and accepting of the reality that there may be differences of opinions and thoughts among us, but we are all there to worship God and appreciate the many blessings that we have received from God. The prayers, the music, the fellowship… all are a part of the ‘church experience’ that I enjoy.

Sure, the world has been changed by COVID and its continuing impact on us as individuals, some to a great extent, some to a lesser extent, has been felt. Yet, through it all, we remain a vibrant congregation, one that is working to make its impact on our community and in the world. As Pastor Kim said last week… this congregation is boundless in its commitment & hope, all based in love. I like being a part of this church family.

My winter will not be filled with discontent, and with Advent right around the corner, celebrating the birthday of Jesus, the purest example of how life should be lived, I fear not the coming weather.

Blessings to all,

Jim Hubbard

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