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‘Tis the Season….. Really?

I always liked that phrase because it is pretty nebulous and undefined. Leaves room for interpretation.

‘Tis is a shortened form of IT IS, right? So, the long phrase would be … “it is the season….”

The Christmas Song “Deck the Halls” is where we hear those words most frequently although they have been co-opted and used in other ways.

‘Tis the season for what? To be jolly?…maybe, but we have to scramble a bit to make some of what we are going through with the pandemic, the weather-related storm damages, the challenges to our economy, etc. look good enough to be jolly about.

To be merry?… again, we may have to stretch a little, but if we ‘deck the halls’ (and our church building does look quite festive thanks to many helping hands) and if we get ourselves into the right mood (our attitudes are one thing we can change) then we can have a Merry Christmas.

For me it is the season to be:

Thankful… for all the good things that happened in 2021 and there were many for me and my family.

Honored… for being able to share time with our church family during this important season and to be a participant in the upcoming worship services so important during this Advent season.

Surprised… we haven’t had any serious winter weather…yet…but we all know it will eventually be here.


Grateful… for God’s love and caring for people during their difficult times and for sending his son Jesus to show us the way, the truth and the light.

Let’s get our attitudes right, think positively and bring a festive and appreciative attitude every time we enter our church building and share quality time with our church family members and their family members who are with them during this season.

Merry Christmas!

Jim Hubbard


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