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New Year… New You!!! Does anyone else dislike that statement as much as I do? I mean we are the same person we were when we went to bed as on New Year’s Eve, ya know? I am also not all that invested in New Year's resolutions either; and here is why. Every time I have tried to make one, I feel incredible pressure to not louse it up; and when I eventually do, I tend to beat myself up about it (so not healthy behavior). Trust me, this blog will not be a dark cloud of doom and gloom for 2023, I promise!

Those of you who know me, know that I am almost always a “glass half full” person; and I am so proud of that because I was not always this way. Really!!! I was always looking for the other shoe to drop. However, a mind shift happened once I began attending FPCV with my family. It happened slowly, by the kindness that was shown to all of us by members who grew to become an extension of our family, joining a Bible study for the first time ever, joining ministry teams, and eventually serving on Session.

During this time, my foot issues began flaring up and my dad was diagnosed with Peritoneal Cancer. I felt like the hits just kept coming. Knowing my dad was not expected to recover and survive this cancer, I chose to put my foot woes on the back burner and take the conservative route. I wore an immobilizer so that I can be there for whatever my mom and dad’s needs were. Only the doctor and I knew how bad my foot was as I needed to have that time with my dad. That period of time, shaped me into who you see today.

Knowing he was not going to get the “New Year… New You” or make any resolutions for the next year, he made the most of each day he had left. The good days were just the best and the Chemo days and days that followed feeling sick and drained, he still pushed himself to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. What he didn’t know was that his daughter was sitting back and watching in admiration and learning the biggest lesson in life… today is an unexpected gift, don’t waste it. That December, I lost my hero but gained my very own angel. After his passing, I refocused my attention to my foot. Well, we all know how this story played out. But what you may not know, there were days when I was recovering from the many surgeries I had thoughts of what is the point of trying creeping back into my mind. Then I would flash to my dad, so frail living his best life never letting on how much pain or sadness he was feeling. Then I thought (still do) dad taught me the biggest lesson, use it girl!

So, New Year… New You, no thanks!!! I love who I was born to be! I think the more attainable statement is New Day… New Opportunity! The new day/new year is an opportunity for growth of mind, body and spirit and is completely a gift from God. It is like he is saying, “Good Morning kiddo! Here is another day for you to do something amazing, go get ‘em!” We have seen that within our church as Pastor Ken has become ordained and filled a new opportunity to become our Associate Pastor and it is only February 3rd!!!

I have so many positive feelings for 2023 for myself, John, Johnny, Molly, you and our church, we just have to be open to each day being our new opportunity!

I love you all,



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