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Merry Christmas FPCV!! As we wait in eager anticipation for the birth of the Christ child, this time of the year is always special for me because of family and our traditions. 

For as long as I can remember, Christmas Eve dinner at my Grandma’s has always been the highlight: of course, as a child, the mountain (and I do mean it when I say mountain) of gifts for all of us under a small tree in the corner of an extremely overcrowded basement where we all sit elbow to elbow for a dinner of mushroom soup, perch, shrimp and so many pierogis not to be outdone by the platters upon platter of desserts! Are you picturing this?

Speaking of this overcrowded basement, imagine yourself shuffling around this tiny basement with Oplatek, a rectangle wafer in hand with the Nativity scene imprinted on it going up to each and every single family member breaking off a piece of the opposing members wafer (them doing the same), eating it, and sharing hugs and kisses (sometimes tears) and love for them…Welcome to my mom’s side of the family y’all! 

As a child that basement was so tight and stuffy but always had room for more love. Cousins grew up, brought dates that became spouses and had children of our own. I look at that basement now and it just doesn’t seem as snug as I once thought. Members of this family, pillars that were our foundation and instilled these traditions in us, have become beloved memories as their seats sit empty. Our matriarch, my grandma Janet, celebrates her 84th Christmas with our family this year; our eldest pillar. She has always been one of the most incredible women I have had in my life, being a mother & grandma to her husband’s (my grandpa) family. We have never ever felt like we didn’t belong because she made sure we always had a place especially at Christmas. 

This Christmas, cherish the traditions in your own families, embrace the overcrowded elbow to elbow basement because one day that basement won’t be so small anymore. 

As we close out 2023 and head in to 2024, I wish good health, much happiness, and hope that you find joy in something every day. 


All my love, 


Trish Lawson


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