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Visiting Family…How Important Is It?

Sharon and I are visiting our son and his wife in Eureka, CA (Northern California near the Avenue of the Giants redwood forest) and it has been a long time since we last were able to visit and be with them. What a great feeling to be with family ‘live & in-person’!

That same feeling was felt on Easter Sunday at the 7:00 a.m. Sunrise Service in the brisk air with full sunshine in our Pavilion. It was the first time in a long time we were able to be with some of our church family members ‘live and in-person’…and it felt good!

Reflecting on that Easter Sunday morning and the move we are now making here at FPCV to resume in-person gatherings in a slow and measured way, makes me feel good that soon our church family will be at some level of a ‘new normal’. Yes, many people feel they can live their faith and be a good Christian without attending church or being around others, but for me, being part of a connectional church like the Presbyterian Church, sharing time and being present with other believers is an important element of my Christian life.

So, the long journey back to normal is still on-going, yet the future looks more normal than it used to. When we gather together, I realize the conversations now start with “Did you get your shots?” “Which vaccine did you get?” “Any side effects?” A whole different topic of conversation than pre-COVID, but a sign of the times.

Spring is springing… the birds are singing…and soon we will be singing with each other. Can’t wait to start singing again with the choir and with others lifting their voices up to praise God!

Looking forward to seeing you all in-person in the ensuing months.

Blessings to all,

Jim Hubbard


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